Casey Smith

Home town: Los Angeles, Ca
Love or money: MONEY. People say money can’t buy love or happiness. I say give me the money and let me figure it out for myself.
Biggest turn off: People who talk the loudest but have the least to say.
Favorite pastime: A good cigar, A perfectly mixed G&T and a good rant. Got a problem with that?
Top 5 bands: Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Thin Lizzy.
Top 5 movies: Full Metal Jacket, Blue Velvet, Napoleon Dynamite, History of the World Part one, Monty Pythons “The Life of Brian”.
Celebrity you’d most like to punch in the face: Well that’s not fair only one? Tom Brady
If I had to get a real job it would be: Secretary of Defense.