Hero DJs

Hero DJs is the complete entertainment solution for any event – including your wedding reception, retirement party, fundraiser, or graduation party.

We have the experience. We have ALL the music.

couplekissHero DJs is a service provided by WESB and WBRR, a company that has been providing entertainment since 1947! We have a massive library of music and knowledgeable, professional staff, which makes us unmatched in the twin tiers. We have all genres of music – including Dance, Pop, Rock, Country, Oldies, Standards, even polkas for Grandma and Grandpa! With well over 30,000 songs in our library, we have enough music to keep your event rocking for weeks!

We have the chops.

Music? Check. Lights? Check. Fully qualified emcee to handle announcements flawlessly? You bet! We talk into a microphone all day on the radio, so of course we can host your event in a clear and exciting voice, while also guaranteeing that YOU are the star of the evening.

Hero DJs don’t use “over the top” or “cheesy” gimmicks that can steal the spotlight. It’s your day; we’re just there to enhance it with top-notch audio entertainment.

We provide a high-quality, long-range wireless microphone at every event, perfect for any toasts or speeches. Your guest speakers or best man/maid of honor can deliver their message from anywhere – or all over – your event center.

Not just the SOUND, but the SIGHTS!

With Hero DJs, you will get great music, a professional emcee, AND an incredible L.E.D. and laser light show!

We will light up your dance floor with stunning eye-catching colors and patterns that will flash to the beat of the music to leave a lasting impression with you and your guests.

People will be talking about your party or reception for a very long time!

We’ll work for you.

We know that you have a ton of planning to do for your event. That’s why we will work to make this very important part of the day a breeze. We will meet four or more weeks in advance to talk about what music is right for your event.

If you’re having a wedding, Hero DJs will provide a special form for you to fill out that will go over all of the special songs, the evening’s timeline, and all of the names that will be announced for your wedding party’s introductions so we can make sure to get the pronunciation perfect.

We guarantee to help make this a worry free and enjoyable process. Hero DJs are here waiting to make your event special!

Music and Lighting Packages Designed with Your Budget in Mind.

Our music and light show packages include all of our top-of-the-line services and equipment.

You get:

  • One professional (and professionally dressed) DJ.
  • A crisp, room-filling audio system.
  • A huge selection music.
  • Two long-range wireless microphones.
  • An amazing dance floor light show.
  • Quick and thorough DJ set up and tear-down.

Dates fill up fast,
so contact Hero DJs today to reserve us for your event!

Call 814-368-4141
or email HeroDJs@wbrrfm.com

Book Hero DJs for your wedding and receive $100 off!